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JSW Cement believes in producing products that give structural strength while also taking into account the necessity for building materials to be environmentally sustainable. Our cement products assist us in bridging the gap between customer happiness and environmental efficiency. We, 3S Groups, are JSW Cement’s authorized dealers and C&F agents. JSW Power Pro and JSW Concreel HD, both products of JSW Cement, Ultratech cement, Shankar cement, Ramco cement, Chettinad cement, OPC 53 grade, are available from 3S Groups. We handle a remarkable volume of 1500 tons per month and have a dealer network of 30+ for JSW Cement.

Power Pro Cement

This is an environmentally friendly cement that complies with IS 455:2015 and has great strength, outstanding durability, and resistance to harsh chemicals found in the environment. It is best suited for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We use excellent grade slag from our steel factories, coupled with clinker and gypsum, to make a world-class product utilizing cutting-edge technology in roller presses and vertical roller mills. Because of its low hydration heat, it has been recognized as the (PPC Cement) best cement for mass construction.

Concreel HD


JSW Concreel HD is our next-generation green cement, designed to fulfill the demands of all concrete-based construction projects. The product has improved chemical resistance as well as superior cohesiveness. 

Some of the key features of JSW Concreel HD include:

  1. High Strength: JSW Concreel HD provides exceptional compressive strength, ensuring sturdy and durable concrete structures.
  2. Enhanced Workability: This cement offers excellent workability, making it easier to mix, pour, and shape during construction.
  3. Superior Finish: JSW Concreel HD results in a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish, enhancing the overall appearance of the concrete surface.
  4. Reduced Water Permeability: It exhibits low water permeability, effectively protecting the structures against water ingress and related issues such as corrosion.
  5. Increased Durability: The product offers enhanced durability, making it suitable for long-lasting concrete structures that can withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  6. Improved Resistance: JSW Concreel HD provides improved resistance against chloride and sulphate attacks, reducing the risk of deterioration due to chemical reactions.
  7. Reliable Performance: It delivers consistent and reliable performance, ensuring consistent quality in concrete construction projects.
  8. These features make JSW Concreel HD a preferred choice for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects.

Dalmia Cements

Dalmia Cements, a renowned name in the cement industry, has been a pioneering force for over seven decades. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, Dalmia Cements has consistently delivered high-performance cement products that have contributed to the growth and development of infrastructure across India. Dalmia Cements, a reputable option for building projects of all kinds, is committed to innovation, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction as a pioneer in the industry. Dalmia Cements’ flagship product, DSP Cements, is designed for high-performance building. They are the ideal option for tasks that require perfection because of their exceptional strength and endurance. Dalmia Insta Pro, on the other hand, transforms the building process by providing ready-to-use, pre-mixed cement that uses less time and material. When combined, these goods show how dedicated Dalmia Cements is to offering cutting-edge solutions that satisfy the changing demands of the building sector. The future is now, and with DSP Cements and Dalmia Insta Pro, Dalmia Cements is helping builders and contractors build a brighter, more efficient future today. Choose innovation, choose Dalmia Cements.

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