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Roof Ventilators

Hot and extreme temperatures have long been a persistent issue with limited solutions. The heat from the sun’s rays penetrates buildings, such as houses, sheds, and industrial spaces, causing them to become uncomfortably warm.

As a natural occurrence, hot air rises, and in some cases, the temperature within the roof area can reach as high as 55 to 60 degrees Celsius. This, in turn, significantly increases the temperature inside the building, creating an uncomfortable environment.

Additionally, during winter, the trapped moist air inside the building can lead to damage to roofing sheets, rafters, and other components.

To effectively tackle these challenges, it is highly recommended to install a Turbine Roof Ventilator. This ventilation system works by extracting air from the roof chambers, addressing the issues caused by excessive heat and trapped moisture.

How it works:
  1. Hot air naturally tends to rise, and in the absence of a roof vent, it accumulates heat at the top, gradually seeping into the building. To address this, a turbine ventilator can be installed on the roof, harnessing the power of wind energy.
  2. The turbine ventilator features blades that begin to rotate even with the slightest breeze, as low as 2 mph. As the blades rotate, they create a centrifugal force that draws the hot and humid air upward, directing it towards the spinning vanes and out of the turbine. This process generates a low-pressure area.
  3. This low-pressure area immediately prompts the influx of cool air from below, which in turn gets replenished by fresh air entering through other openings in the building. As a result, effective ventilation is established.
  4. Since the turbine continuously rotates, a steady airflow is maintained, greatly improving the working environment inside the building.

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