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Why Choose Everest Rapicon Wall Panels?

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  • Searching for long-lasting sandwich panels that offer exceptional insulation? Elevate your project by harnessing the convenience and efficiency of

    Everest Rapicon wall panels.

  • Crafted from a FRACC (fibre-reinforced aerated concrete core), these wall sandwich panels are encased within two layers of non-asbestos fiber cement boards.
  • This lightning-fast and sophisticated wall solution features prefabricated wall panels that seamlessly pair with a variety of surface finishes, including paint, veneers, and wallpaper.
  • Thanks to their distinctive tongue and groove assembly system, they interlock effortlessly, streamlining construction while optimizing space utilization.

Shree Sivabalaaji Steels Private Limited: Your Authorized Everest Rapicon Wall Panel Dealer

  • Shree Sivabalaaji Steels Private Limited is a reputable and authorized dealer for Everest Rapicon Wall Panels.
  • With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a go-to source for construction materials that meet and exceed industry standards.
  • Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation has made us a preferred choice for contractors, builders, and individuals embarking on construction and renovation projects.

Why Choose Everest Rapicon Wall Panels?

Everest Rapicon Wall Panels have garnered a strong reputation in the 3s groups construction industry due to their outstanding features and benefits.

Here’s why these panels are the preferred choice for modern construction projects:

Durable Construction:

  • Everest Rapicon Wall Panels are constructed with a FRACC (fibre-reinforced aerated concrete core) that ensures long-lasting performance.
  • This robust core is surrounded by two layers of non-asbestos fiber cement boards, offering both strength and resilience.

Excellent Insulation:

  • The unique composition of Rapicon Wall Panels provides excellent insulation properties.
  • They help regulate temperature, reduce energy consumption, and create a comfortable and energy-efficient living or working environment.

Speed and Convenience:

  • These prefabricated wall panels are designed for rapid installation.
  • It is 4X faster than traditional Brick wall construction. The tongue and groove joining system enables quick assembly, saving valuable time during construction.
  • This not only speeds up the project but also reduces labour costs.

Versatile Surface Finishes:

  • Rapicon Wall Panels are compatible with a wide range of surface finishes, including paint, veneers, and wallpaper.
  • This versatility allows you to customize your project to suit your design preferences and architectural requirements.

Maximizing Space Utilization:

  • The innovative design of Rapicon Wall Panels ensures efficient space utilization.
  • Their seamless fit, like pieces of a puzzle, maximizes usable space and minimizes waste.
  • The Rapicon wall sizes with 2 feet width and 10 feet in height. And thickness of 75mm.

Why Choose Shree Sivabalaaji Steels Private Limited?

Now that you know the advantages of Everest Rapicon Wall Panels, it’s essential to understand why Shree Sivabalaaji Steels Private Limited is the right choice for your construction needs:

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Authorized Distributor: As an 3sgroups to authorized distributor for Everest Rapicon Wall Panels, we offer genuine products with the manufacturer’s guaranty.You can trust the quality and authenticity of every panel you purchase from us.

Expertise: Our team consists of experienced professionals who understand the construction industry inside out. We can provide you with expert advice, product recommendations, and solutions tailored to your specific project requirements.

Extensive Inventory: We maintain a comprehensive inventory of Everest Rapicon Wall Panels, ensuring that you have access to the quantities you need when you need them. Whether you’re working on a small-scale renovation or a large-scale construction project, we’ve got you covered.

Customer-Centric Approach: At Shree Sivabalaaji Steels, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else.Our commitment to excellent service, timely deliveries, and competitive pricing sets us apart as a dealer who genuinely cares about your success.

Timely Deliveries: We understand the importance of meeting project deadlines. With our efficient logistics and delivery network, we ensure that your materials arrive on time, every time.


  • When it comes to sourcing Everest Rapicon Wall Panels for your construction projects, Shree Sivabalaaji Steels Private Limited stands as your trusted and authorized dealer.
  • With a strong commitment to quality, exceptional customer service, and a wide range of products in our inventory, we are well-equipped to help you achieve your construction goals efficiently and effectively.
  • Contact us today and experience the difference of working with a dealer who is dedicated to your success.

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